University of Primorska, Faculty of Tourism studies Portoz- Turistica – SLOVENIA

University of Primorska, Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistica is the only faculty of tourism in Slovenia that offers multi-disciplinary teaching and research of tourism and educates human resources for high quality planning, management and excellent tourism supply. It is located in Portoroz, a well-known tourist destination on Slovenian coast where it has been educating students of tourism since 1995. Turistica has been a member of the third national university, the University of Primorska (UP) since its establishment in 2003. During the time of its existence Turistica became a member of numerous international tourism associations such as UNWTO, IAPCO, AIEST, ATLAS, CHRIE, and AEHT. It has a mission to generate, preserve, ensure and transmit knowledge, experience, and at the same time disseminate the information necessary for the quality development of tourism and the related industries. Within its mission the faculty contributes to the development of the theory and scientific discipline connected to tourism.


Faculty of Tourism Studies - Turistica

Obala 11a, 6320 Portorož


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