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Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism performs administrative, professional and other activities within the jurisdiction of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina related to: the environment and tourism. Tourism and hospitality in BiH are one of the main driving branches of economy, which is the reason why we are putting so many efforts in touristic projects, which are of great importance for development, improvement and sustainability of tourism. This sector also develops rules and regulations and develops strategic documents in this area.

Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism is prepared to make maximum efforts as WP5 responsible (WP5 Pilots: Application and promotion of the Zero Waste Adriatic net of events and festivals). It will deep cooperate as well for the implementation of all other project activities (organization of one MB meeting, dissemination, realization of one pilot project: Zero Waste event etc.). Moreover, in the implementation of this project Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism wants to provide promotion of river Una as a national treasure that was recently declared as a national park, to raise awareness on environmental protection and natural beauty, include the municipalities and tourist boards, and other associations and individuals in order to achieve the expected results, and produce a cultural change that will be a reason to enjoy a particular area.

Based on its institutional resources, Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism wants to develop technological solutions to support the project partners in carrying out activities to reduce the negative impact of events and festivals to local resources by converting the impact of growth opportunities for local communities. It also wants to promote the tourist economy in which conservation and recovery are the key words of a new cultural approach. Its wide experience in organization of various congresses and events will help in organizing the MB meeting and development of Final Report and common agreement (used as a framework for a project’s continuity).


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