15 May 15

Workshop on Sustainable Events – Rimini, 21st April 2015

A workshop on the realization of sustainable events for municipalities in the provinces of Forli-Cesena, Ravenna and Rimini was held today in the Province Laboratory. The workshop, organized by the Province of Rimini, ERVET Emilia-Romagna Development of Territory and ANCI Emilia-Romagna, analysed and discussed benefits, savings and possible solutions within the European Project Zero Waste.

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23 Apr 15

“Cycles and recycle”: cycling tourism enters the Zero Waste network

ERVET and UISP Emilia Romagna (Italian Union Sport for All) started a collaboration to find common solutions to organize more sustainable sports events . First date was 14th February 2015 in Bagnacavallo. The UISP League cycling season opened in the name of Zero Waste. 40 associations and about 1,500 cyclists have been committed to respecting the environment with

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17 Mar 15

Workshop II – Events networking and impact on waste reduction – Bihac, 27th February 2015

On 27th February, in Bihac at the Hotel De Luxe Kostelski buk, Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism organized the Workshop II – Events networking and impact on waste reduction within the Project “Zero Waste Adriatic Net for events and festivals”. The participants of the event were 21 from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina:

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11 Feb 15

Traditional wine tasting Andrinje – Paoca, 28th November 2014

On 28th November, in village Paoca (Municipality Siroki Brijeg), Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism organized the Pilot project event – Traditional wine tasting Andrinje within the Project “Zero Waste Adriatic Net for events and festivals”. Participants of the event were coming from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and this event is annually visited

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Workshop I: A Zero Waste Approach- Siroki Brijeg, 28th November 2014

On 28th November, in Siroki Brijeg (Hotel Park), Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism organized the Workshop I– A Zero Waste Approach within the Project “Zero Waste Adriatic Net for events and festivals”. The participants of the event were from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Neum, Citluk, Bihac, Sarajevo, Gradacac, Mostar, Siroki Brijeg etc.

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06 Feb 15

ZERO WASTE at EcoMondo 2014 : International Workshop – 7th November 2014, Fiera di Rimini

The International Workshop at EcoMondo 2014, last 7th November in Rimini, was organized by Province of Rimini and ERVET and participated all the Project Partners and Tourism stakeholders. After the opening by Rita Trombini from ERVET Emilia-Romagna, who introduced to  the ZERO WASTE  ICT platform 2.0 to recognize, supervise and implement best sustainable practices, Cesare Buffone

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01 Nov 14

The 5th Meeting of the project – Portroz, 22nd and 23rd Oktober 2014

The 5th meeting of the partners of the Zero Waste project was held in the city of Portroz (Slovenia) on 22nd and 23rd Oktober 2014. In these two days, the partners coming from 6 countries involved talked about the project activities realized, especially about the pilot events and the workshop with the local stakeholders organized

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zero prova
19 Sep 14


On 17th September 2014, the workshop “Didattica Sostenibile in Masseria”(Sustainability teaching practices in Farms) was held in “Agrimed”, the  Apulia Region- Department of Agriculture Pavilion. Spazio Eventi, partner of the cross border cooperation  IPA Adriatic “ZERO Waste” project, called representatives from Apulian “Masserie Didattiche”- farms involved in the realization of educational workshops beside the traditional farming activities

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30 Jan 15

Regional Council of Durres “Event and Environment” A ZERO WASTE approach – Durres 8th September 2014

On 8-th September, Durres Regional Council of Durres organized the local workshop with the Theme: “Events and Environment – A Zero Waste Approach”. The participants of the event were: President of Regional Council of Durres, Deputy Mayor of Durres, representatives from the Ministry of Environment, Durres Municipality, Prefecture of Durres, Regional Directorate of Cultural Heritage,

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7th “Durres International Film Festival” (DIFF) and ZERO WASTE – Durres 9-14 September 2014

The 7th Durres International Film Festival (DIFF) took place on 9-14 September 2014, at the Palace of Culture & Theater and in the Ancient Roman Amphitheater, the event consist in the presentation of the best film productions to the local audience, visitors and tourists. The festival this year was enriched with two new sections: the

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10 Sep 14


The 8th Ucka’s Fair, which took place on September 7, 2014, is a traditional event that attracts more than 8,000 visitors every year. It is an event that allows the placement and sale of products of local manufacturers. At the same time, visitors have the opportunity to meet and learn about the culture and traditions of heritage

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30 Jul 14

ERVET and Rimini Province met local stakeholders: altogether they are going to set up the Zero Waste web platform to promote and help the sustainability of events and festivals

The first thematic event of the EU Project Zero Waste, Adriatic IPA was held in Bologna the 29th July, organized by ERVET and the Province of Rimini. The participants were: public institutions, universities, sustainable event expert organizers, cultural, sport and medical associations, researchers and software developers. The involved stakeholders showed a great interest toward the

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09 Feb 15


Traditionally every year, a spectacular event “Opatija – imperial town” takes place in Opatija. It is a magnificent musical and theatrical spectacle that returns Opatija back to the time when it was a fashionable aristocratic resort. For this occasion, on July 19, 2014, Opatija revived some of the famous people and events that have marked

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ZW_okrogla miza_1
14 Jul 14

Turistica: round table and photo exhibition

To promote the project and its ideas the project partner Faculty of Tourism Studies of the University of Primorska organised a round table on »environment friendly« events and festivals. The event was held on Thursday, 3rd July 2014 at Turistica. The round table attendants were prominent events’ organizers: Lorena Pavlic, director of film festival Kino

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03 Jul 14

Zero Waste for “Santarcangelo dei Teatri”

The Province of Rimini has always been in support of the entourage in reducing the environmental impact of events in the territories, supports “Santarcangelo dei Teatri” in the project “Presente Sostenibile” (PS). At the same time the Festival maintains its commitment to environmental protection through the development of a series of actions for a Sustainable Present,

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23 Jun 14

Zero Waste with “Masserie sotto le Stelle”

The cooperation project took part in event in the typical buildings of the agri-culture of Puglia A special evening under the banner of sustainability. The fourth edition of “Masserie sotto le stelle” (Farms under the Stars) has become Zero Waste. The event, held in Puglia on 21st June, was organized from the Policies for Rural Development

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23. 05.2014 Let’s Clean the Coast together  (5)
30 Jan 15

GREEN LINE ALBANIA “Let’s Clean the Coast together” and ZERO WASTE – Durres 23 May 2014

In the framework of Zero Waste project, Regional Council of Durres with the staff of Zero Waste Albania joined the Initiative of “Green Line Albania”: “Let’s Clean the Coast together”, on 23d of May 2014. The staff of the project “Zero Waste” participated in the cleaning action in collaboration with the Regional Education Directorate, action

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16 Apr 14

Paganello 2014: Zero Waste Event grazie alla Provincia di Rimini

Turneu më i njohur në botë i frisbit, Paganello, ngjyrohet në jeshile, në sajë të projektit të bashkëpunimit ndërkufitar IPA Adriatik, “ Zero Mbetje për eventet dhe festivalet”. Provinca e Riminit, partner i projektit që synon të zvogëlojë ndikimin në mjedis të aktiviteteve të organizuar në territorin e Italisë, Shqipërisë, Bosnjë- Hercegovinës, Kroacisë, Malit të

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19 Mar 14


Projekti i bashkëpunimit merr pjesë në këtë event në Bolonja nga data 28 mars deri në 13 prill  Zero Mbetje del në rrugë nga ana e shkencës. Nga data 28 mars deri në 13 prill, ERVET, partner i projektit të bashkë financuar nga IPA Adriatic që promovon realizimin e eventeve me ndikim të ulët në mjedis dhe një kulturë

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06 Nov 13


Të vendosësh në rrjet praktikat më të mira të përfituara, duke parashikuar zvogëlimin e mbetjeve turistike e sidomos gjatë realizimit të aktiviteteve. Ishte ky objektivi ambicioz i ZERO WASTE Adriatic Nets for Events and Festival, projekti i Bashkëpunimit ndërkufitar, prezantuar gjatë seminarit  ‘’Qëndrushmëria e destinacioneve turistike” realizuar nga Ecomondo, një event dedikuar ambientit dhe energjisë

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03 Nov 13

3rd MB meeting in Tivat

The 3rd  MB meeting of Zero Waste Adriatic net for events and festivals Project and was organized by Municipality of Tivat, Mayor’s Office  in cooperation with all Project Partners and held in Tivat on October the 29th – 30th, 2013. After the opening by Petar Vujović, Advisor for the Economic Development and International Collaboration of Mayor’s Office, the

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12 Jul 13


Takimi i 2të i Bordit Menaxhues u mbajt më 8 dhe 9 maj 2013 në Durrës, Shqipëri. Partnerët e projektit diskutuan mbi identitetin vizual të propozuar të projektit Zero Mbetje (logo projekti, faqje ueb, etj.). Metodologjia dhe kriteret e përbashkëta të përdorura për përzgjedhjen e informacionit u paraqitën. Partnerët pranuan të vazhdojnë me klasifikimin e të gjitha eventeve të

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22 Nov 12


Takimi Zero Mbetje u mbajt në qytetin Opatija (Kroaci) më 20 dhe 21 nëntor 2012. Gjatë këtyre dy ditëve, u krye prezantimi i përgjithshëm i projektit dhe u përcaktuan aktivitetet kryesore dhe vështrimi i përgjithshëm i Planit të Veprimit. Të gjithë pjesëmarrësit theksuan rëndësinë e madhe të projektit, jo vetëm për partnerët e projektit, por

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