Zero Waste Adriatic net for events and festivals” is an AdriaticIPA project, Cross-border Cooperation Programme of European Union, designed to create a “Zero Waste” (Project Acronym) Web-based network of events and festivals with a low impact on the environment.

In the Adriatic area, there are different events that attract thousands of people and, in turn, have a positive impact on the local economy. At the same time, however, these large gatherings produce an increase of water and energy consumption, together with a various types of waste. A sustainable tourism policy can be achieved with the adoption of “green” actions to lower the negative impact on the environment caused by large gatherings, and to transform the waste originated by tourist flows into a new resource for local communities both from a social and economic point of view.

Main goal of the project is to indicate zero amount of produced waste in festivals and events. To this aim, ICT is a precious tool; ICT is considered by the project as a strategic support to face the negative impact of tourist flows by providing tools to public and private actors in charge of organization and management of events and festivals. The Zero Waste project offers the opportunity to create a network of existing events and festivals in the Adriatic area, thanks to the adoption of green solutions through the use of ICT. Zero Waste exploits the results of experiences of some of the partners on the reduction of waste in economic activities, and aims to bench mark the best practices with other partners – methodologies and concrete actions included.

Zero Waste is also a new cultural approach that, through the use of ICT, may favour the creation of new jobs and new skills in the recycling chain in the partners’ countries.

ZERO WASTE objectives:

•Create a permanent ICT application as a tool to exchange expertise and promote accessibility to information and communication services

•Strengthening the sustainable development capacity of the Adriatic area through the agreed Zero Waste strategy

•Lower the negative impact of events and festivals on local resources by converting it into a opportunity of growth for the local communities

•Promote a tourist economy where conservation, recycling and recovery are key words of a new cultural approach by developing integrated and specialized tourist packages

•Encourage and promote good and neighboring relations and a harmonious sustainable development by matching more and less experienced Adriatic areas

Duration of the project: 33 months
Project Budget

Total Budget: 1.288.003,58 €