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The 8th Ucka’s Fair, which took place on September 7, 2014, is a traditional event that attracts more than 8,000 visitors every year. It is an event that allows the placement and sale of products of local manufacturers. At the same time, visitors have the opportunity to meet and learn about the culture and traditions of heritage Ucka and surrounding areas.

This year, under the initiative of the Faculty of the tourism and hospitality management, the fair was part of the Zero Waste Project, which aims to reduce the negative impact of manifestations and events on the environment. In line with these objectives and requirements of the project, all the promotional materials of the fair were printed on recycled paper, catering facilities were served meals on biodegradable saucers made ​​from sugar cane, and during the event selective separation of waste was carried out. In this way, Ucka’s fair has satisfied the criteria of the project. Due to realized Zero Waste activity during maintenance of event, Ucka’s fair will receive a special Zero Waste logo.