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Regional Council of Durres “Event and Environment” A ZERO WASTE approach – Durres 8th September 2014

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3 On 8-th September, Durres Regional Council of Durres organized the local workshop with the Theme: “Events and Environment – A Zero Waste Approach”. The participants of the event were: President of Regional Council of Durres, Deputy Mayor of Durres, representatives from the Ministry of Environment, Durres Municipality, Prefecture of Durres, Regional Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Port Authority, Public Health Directory, Albanian Tourism Association (ATA), Regional Council staff, “Aleksander Moisiu”- University of Durres, local Civil Society Organizations, and other actors interested especially for event and festival organization, around 45 participants.

This workshop aimed at encouraging the recognition and implementation of best practices to reduce environmental pollution to almost zero (acoustic, visual, physical) that accompanies the realization of events and festivals

During the workshop, the Chairman of the Regional Council of Durres signed the agreement of collaboration with the Municipality of Durres, for the event “Durres International Film Festival – DIFS, the 7th edition, which took place in Durres from 9th – 14th September,  to partecipate in the organization of the event with some innovations, and for monitoration^ evaluation of environmental pollution caused after the event.

Durres International Film Festival, in case of positive evaluation of the indicators of “Zero Waste” project, will be the first Albanian event which will be included in the network of ZERO WASTE EVENTS.

The video of the workshop Events  and Environment – A Zero Waste Approach is available at the following link:          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR6KPPzy74U