15 May 15

Workshop on Sustainable Events – Rimini, 21st April 2015


A workshop on the realization of sustainable events for municipalities in the provinces of Forli-Cesena, Ravenna and Rimini was held today in the Province Laboratory.

The workshop, organized by the Province of Rimini, ERVET Emilia-Romagna Development of Territory and ANCI Emilia-Romagna, analysed and discussed benefits, savings and possible solutions within the European Project Zero Waste.

The Zero Waste European project, co-funded by the IPA Adriatic and which the Province of Rimini (along with ERVET) is a partner, wants to encourage and stimulate the creation of more sustainable events and decrease waste thanks to the participation of all.

Events and festivals that agree to adopt and spread a culture of sustainability, green or actions, social inclusion and participation of the territory in the interests of economy, to enter part of the Zero Waste Network that promotes them through the Platform “Zero Waste in tourism 2.0 “. This tool Geolocates events and is able to measure and keep monitored the environmental, social, cultural and economic, providing guidelines, information on products and suppliers, a system of calculation of impacts, including carbon offset.

During the workshop, the specific knowledge on the world of sustainable events and the concept of sustainability of an event, analysing the reasons that can push a client, private or public, to want to achieve sustainable events were discussed.

Then, national and international case histories, the evolution of the concept of sustainable event in Italy and the case of EXPO 2015 were examined.

Finally we have covered the issues concerning:

• the management of the critical aspects associated with the main activity of an organizer in the entire life cycle of the event (even through a series of good virtuous practices already in place in Italy and abroad);

• methodologies and tools for the design manager of events (for example, how to act to reduce waste and cut CO2 emissions);

• costs associated with sustainable choices (and some tips on how to reduce them).

After the greetings by the Environment Councilor of the City of Rimini, Sara Visintin, Enzo Finocchiaro, head of the Province of Rimini and Alessandro Rossi ANCI Emilia-Romagna intervened. The workshop was led by Cesare Buffone by Punto3 srl.