24 Apr 15

Domino effect: Zero Waste bring sustainability from events to tourism

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On March 12 2015, ERVET and the Province of Rimini presented to the managers of the major Italian sustainable tourism cities (Venice, Florence, Naples, Rome, Milan and Rimini) Zero Waste project and its platform “Zero Waste in tourism 2.0″. The platform, that measures and tracks environmental, social, cultural and economic impact of events, raised lots of interest among participants.

Objective was both to reflect together on the importance of events’ sustainability in the European tourism sector landscape and share achievements and best practices for the development of ideas for the future.

The six major Italian tourist cities have in fact created in 2013 the “Great Destinations Italian Network for Tourism (GDITS),” born to be a useful tool to destinations that are part of it and especially a single reference point towards the development of a wider network at national, European and international level, of the great tourist destinations.

The Network also draws inspiration from the program of the World Tourism “Sustainable Development of Tourism” which indicates the path of sustainability as the main way of tourism growth for the positive effects in terms of employment growth, support to overcome the economic crisis, environmental protection, natural resources, the development of cultural heritage.